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Dr Meyvisch will retire on 01/06/2024. We thank you for your many years of trust.

Dr Meyvisch

About Dr. Meyvisch

Dr Kristel Meyvisch graduated as a doctor at the University of Ghent. After her 4 year training in Dermatology at the Université Libre de Bruxelles, she took several specialization courses in classical and pediatric dermatology at home and abroad.

She is a member of the Royal Belgian Society of Dermatology and the Belgian Order of Physicians. Conventioned doctor and accredited by the Belgian Ministry of Health. R.I.Z.I.V.- number 1.07010.78.550

Since 1992 she performs her dermatology practice in Dilbeek (Flemish Brabant)


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New: Teledermatology

Remote dermatology consultations, also known as teledermatology, offer patients the convenience of receiving timely and accessible dermatological care from their home or office. This service can save patients time and money associated with in-person appointments and is especially helpful for those living in remote or rural areas. Teledermatology is also highly effective, providing patients with efficient diagnoses and treatment options.



There are many techniques to slow down the process of skin aging, which starts to show from the age of 30. You can go for valuable treatments in the context of anti-aging or skin refreshment.

For example:
  • Botox
  • Hyaluronic acid fillers
  • Peelings

Hair diseases

The cases of hairloss can be diverse: stress, medication, hormonal changes... Dr. Meyvisch did after her studies a special microscopic research called "trichogram", to define the correct case of hairloss.


Paedriatic dermatology

Skin disorders on children deserve special attention. There are indeed dermatoses that only occur on children. Dr Meyvisch practised her specialist medical training under the supervision of prof prof. Song in the h.u.d.e.r.f. in Brussels.


Flebology or venous pathology

Varicosities are disfiguring, burst veins in the legs. Depending on the diameter, sclerotherapy or laser therapy can be of help. For large varicose veins a vascular surgeon will interfere.


Laser therapy

Medical lasers are devices that produce light of certain wavelengths. This treatment is possible for: redness or erythema of the face, hair removal, skin rejuvenation (with the exception of deep wrinkles), recent scars (e.g. after acne, an accident ...)


Contact allergy

People can get an allergic reaction to substances in the environment such as pollen, pets, medication, food, insects, cosmetics, products in which someone works with etc ... The allergy may manifest itself as eczema (itchy rash), rhinitis (nasal loop) or conjunctivitis (eye inflammation ), urticaria (hives), asthma or even in exceptional situations lead to shock (general reaction with blood pressure)



Excision of: Birth marks, skin cancer, fat skin moles, Cysts, ingrown toenails. With much attention for the aesthetic aspect.


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